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Tottenham Hotspur 2013/14 Home & Away Soccer Jersey

England Tottenham Hotspur club officially announced the team 2013-14 season new home and away jerseys. The new season is the U.S. brand UNDER ARMOUR cooperation with Tottenham club's second season, the new season home white jersey clothing Collar impressive, innovative open collar is dark navy blue and white color stripes around the same time have such a striped cuffs, the new season home shorts and socks, navy blue color is dark and deeper than ever before, this For the 1960s meant that sticks up successful Hotspur tribute. 

From the new season away jersey shirt shorts and socks are the same color - called Capri vibrant bright blue, the new season away jersey is covered with irregular geometric patterns embossed with the 1990s style. 

Hewlett-Packard to become the new season club jersey main advertisers, new season club jersey are all printed on the circular HP ad.

Tottenham Hotspur 2013-14 season home and away jerseys © kitstown.com shirts Church
Tottenham Hotspur 2013-14 season home and away jerseys © kitstown.com shirts Church
Tottenham Hotspur 2013-14 season home and away jerseys © kitstown.com shirts Church
Tottenham Hotspur 2013-14 season home and away jerseys © kitstown.com shirts Church
Tottenham Hotspur 2013-14 season home and away jerseys © kitstown.com shirts Church

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2013-14 UEFA Champions League jerseys Dortmund

German club Borussia Dortmund in August 29 announced the new home UEFA Champions League kits before the draw of New season UEFA Champions League. The new jersey is simple and bright yellow shirt with black sleeves and collar is designed to be a black lapel. New Jersey, including the chest and sides Puma Logo stripes and other details are specially designed fluorescent effect, inspired by the legendary 50 years ago, that piece of the "floodlight jersey (Flutlicht-Trikot)", 12/1963 that can carry into the annals of the night, the team of Red Earth Stadium in Dortmund (Stadion Rote Erde) 5 to 0 victory over the last runner-up Portugal Benfica, new jersey collar also records the text within that period of great history.

多特蒙德2013-14赛季欧冠联赛球衣 © kitstown.com 球衫堂
多特蒙德2013-14赛季欧冠联赛球衣 © kitstown.com 球衫堂
多特蒙德2013-14赛季欧冠联赛球衣 © kitstown.com 球衫堂

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Juventus Away Shirt 2013-14

Italy Juventus 2013-14 New Jerseys officially announced the new Jersey shows Nike's inhernet belief, sytle, technology and pride. At the same time, the most advanced technology and environmental technology helps players in the game to have a more good performance.

New season away jerseys color scheme from the club's home city of Turin. Yellow and blue is the symbol of the city, new jersey design inspiration comes from the same club last winning 1983-84 season. The club which won the European Cup Winners Cup, also wore the yellow shirts. New jersey collar is a sytlish modern Polo collar. Collar decorated with a black line and cuffs are black ad white stripes. Stripes sowell known is the club of the world's symbols. Neck black shield inner label is the year the club was established in 1897.

Nike company has always focused on improving atheltes' performance while reducing the production process of the environmental impact. Each section jersey shirt and shorts made from recycled polyester material. The materials used in each jersey comes up to 13 plastic bottle. In this innovative production process, the plastic bottle is cut inot a sheet and then melt into yarn for further weavingfabrics. The recycling process and the direct production of polyester materials, reduced energy consumption by about 30%. Since 2010, Nikehas recovered from landfill over 1.1 billion plastic bottle to be used to produce recycled polyester material.

Jersey weighs only 150 grams, lighter than the pervious Nike Jersey 23%. Meanwhile, the knitted structure robustness increased by 20%, greatly improved stretchability. Jersey fabric with Nike Dri-FIT technology to quickly bring high-tech fabric excreted through sweat, keeping the body dry and comfortable player. Jersey and shorts located on both sides of the waist breathable zone, the distribution of laser-cut holes, ensuring comfort and breathability. Meanwhile, the back mesh structure are to maintain air circulation.

Nike creates a 3D body scanning technology, by scanning the body to make the world's top players jeseys body more fit athletes. Jersey important parts of the seams and the seams insidethe interface using the T-fitting techniques, tailoring coherent, beautiful and at the same time ensuring comfort and improved performance of the players.

Juventus Away Shirt 2013-14 © kitstown.com shirts ChurchJuventus Away Shirt 2013-14 © kitstown.com shirts Church
Juventus Away Shirt 2013-14 © kitstown.com shirts Church
Juventus Away Shirt 2013-14 © kitstown.com shirts Church
Juventus Away Shirt 2013-14 © kitstown.com shirts Church
Juventus Away Shirt 2013-14 © kitstown.com shirts Church
Juventus Away Shirt 2013-14 © kitstown.com shirts Church

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Liverpool FC Away Kits 2013-14

UK local time on June 4, Liverpool Football Club official announced the team 2013-14 season, New Jersy. The groundbreaking desings  by Warriors is inspired by the 1981 Liverpool's Jersey which win the League Cup this yea. The Liverpool Football Club involved in the entire design process jersey, Warriors general manager Richard Wright said. "We believe this is not only the continuation of the team away jersey long-standing tradition, yet also a fresh feel. Liverpool football club involved throughout the design process, emphasizing the link with the previous jersey also helped us deign fans agreee jersey." Liverpool Football Club general manager Brendan Rodgers agrees. "Yes jersey to gather together a team, for the team players also for the fans. Indeed, recalling the history of the team appeared shirts, Warrior desgin is very impressive." Rogers said.
Shirt in black and white color, red as a secondary element, with strong traditional style. By a top jersey, shorts to socks gradient echo each other, match just right. In addition to traditional colors and contemporary collar and eye-catching patterns are also eye-catching diamond pattern. Inspired by the Liverpool 1989/91 away kit, while incorporating some new interpretation to detail.
"I really like this shirt, it's color pattern is unique and I'm looking forward to wearing it next season to race." Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge said. To commensurate with the home jersey, away jersey retains full embroidered chest at Liverpool birds pattern around the eternal flame still figures 96 jersey back of the neck.
Shirts with the main use of high air permeability and wicking capabilities War-Tech fabrics. Four-way underarm and back elastic reticular fibers, dry high, can help regulate body temperature and keep players comfortable.
Liverpool 2013-14 season away jersey shirt © kitstown.com Church
Liverpool 2013-14 season away jersey shirt © kitstown.com Church
Liverpool 2013-14 season away jersey shirt © kitstown.com Church

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10. Clash it did

The San Jose clash had a perfect kit ot fit the team's nae. The picture says it all.
9. Burn these, please

Maybe it was just the Burn logo going across the front that made the early Dallas kits look so terrible, but it's safe to say that the change to FC Dallas has helped the looks of the franchise drastically.
8. Problems for the Fusion
The Miami Fusion never really found a place in Major League Soccer, and the kit choice may have been part of the club's undoing.
7. Starting the Revolution
Going patriotic seemsto be the way of theteams in Foxborough, but this kit choice took the idea abit too far. The newer Revolution kits aren't spectacular, but he more traditional desgins make the struggling team a bit easier to watch.
6. A Mutiny for your eyes
Tampa Bay has more than a couple style choices to look back on with shame(right Buccaneers Fans?) but the Mutiny's kit may take the cake.
5. A Galaxy Apart

Compare and contrast the early Galaxy uniform with the current one, and it's easy to see just how far the league has come. From bright and slightly out of whack, to crisp and clean.
4. Bringing it back
As the rest of the league began to work towards more traditional soccer style, the Seattle Sounders decided the league needed to get back to its roots. Thus,MLS is now the proud home of the only uniform in the world that is so bright it ca be seen from space.
3. The Bumblebee Crew
The Columbus Crew brought a lot to Major League Soccer with Crew stadium and an MLS title as well, but these kits from 1996 are likely a part of the club's history that the people of Ohio would like to forget.
2. The Wiz Kids
Whoever came up with this design was anything but a wiz.
1. Rapid change needed

Raise your hand if you're glad these are no longer the uniforms the Colorado Rapids wear.

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Top 10 Unified Germany in 1990 Teutonic Legion

1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the German team for the first time set off intercontinental competition, Teutonic Legion chest vibrant black and red stripes and gold tricolor Matthaus, Voller, Littbarski were together in the frenzy of Italy summer freeze, Beckenbauer also used his football career Gold Cup marked another peak.

Top 9 Florence Viola Forever 1990
Purple on the pitch is so rare, gorgeous flower Ares Batistuta let Florence and deadly Viola Became infatuated fans in mind countless unforgettable classic
Top 8 Red Army style 1960 Liverpool
Legendary Shankly had forged a great Red Army, it was his proposal in a red shir, the pants and socks all put the ball into the red, so that the players appear to be more terrible in front of the opponent. Year Ron Hayes wearing this shirt is just like a giant on the pitch.
Top 7 Italy 1970 Merry tight
As Europe's most handsome team of choice, the ltalian never a lack of bright jerseys. 1970 Zoff, Facchetti wearing this jersey attack to win its biggest feature: tight. 2000 European Championships Maldini, Fabio Cannavaro and Totti who reproduced the romantic predecessors.
Top 6 England 1966 Starless eternal
2006 edition Umbro England away shirt for the creation of a record-breaking 240 million sale of a miracle, but really can be called a miracle is it original: 1966 England World Cup Champion boarded the red and white jersey. After countless replica cannot be compared with it because of the sinking, golden star did not exist then never change.
Top 5 Argentina 1986 Hand of God
When Maradona raised their Gold Cup, there's going to remember his height -he is God above all mortal beings, when God stretched out his hand, he will glory in Argentina.
Top 4 Noble White Real Madrid 1960
20th century, laid the corncerstone of the best clubs in the Di Stefano and Puskas priceless hug. Undue influence on the pitch has not yet commercialized Age of Innocence, two of the greatest players of Real Madrid marked the elegant imprint, that a pure white sytle. Howcan it be "Galacticos" common names comparable. 2002 Centennial Edition Real Madrid jersey cancelled all naming advertising, special tribute to this supreme classic.
Top 3 France 1984 European Cup Great Dragon
UEFA president now sitting at the desk of the French leaders who had worked how insolent smile, Platini unparalleled control over his chest spirited Rooster and that three broad horizontal line has become the supreme symbol of French football. This year's Europena Cup, the French team's new jersey is engraved this classic.
Top2 Netherlands 1974-78 Orange Storm
Although Cruyff and his Dutch team in the last two World Cup Gold Cup Despair can only hope, but defending the whole orange storm has swept across the world, including this eye-catching classic jersey.
Top 1 Brazl's 1970 World Cup Magic
The latest version of the Brazilian team jersey retro jersey 1958 World Cup, but even more fans around the world is the 1970 version of nostalgia. In the color television era has just come out soon, this Brazilian team with bright green yellow and blue collar and jersey number on the television, but a big test. But whoelse wearing this shirt than Pele, according to Ji Ya Mourinho, Rivelino, Santos Taormina are more magical charm of it?

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Real Madrid, Manchester United jersey number dew transfer clues?

New season is about to start, the club have announced major new season jersey number list, Manchester United and Real Madrid were left on the No. 7 and the No. 11, that the acquisition of players hold back.
Today's most iconic number 7 & 11, when the number of Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo  and Tottenham's Gareth Bale, issued by the Manchester United and Real Madrid player list view , they still have a chance to join. Manchester United announced the list of players, because there is no check in the players big hands, so little change. Lonnie fate undecided as ever since the No. 10 draped jersey; recycled Zaha confirmed by the Crystal Palace will wear No. 29; Vanlencia put on by the No. 7 No. 25. As the Red Devils' on the 7th earners "had previously belonging to such Cantona, David Beckham and other stars, therefore the media speculation that David Moyes is to return to Ronaldo Trafford prepared. If Ronaldo really leave Real Madrid, should accelerate the move to the Bali branch La Liga giants. According to the Spanish regulations, the teams, a team can only register 25 players, and can only be arranged 1-25 numbers. Real Madrid apart from the 11th, all the numbers are unofficially crowned, apparently left to join the Bali vibe. 3 new plot will be Carvajal, Isco and Illarra, 15, 23 and 24 has been allocated; was duly promoted Jese, No. 20 jersey will be Higuain's successor .

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Rio Ferdinand: Only Cantona should wear his collar upturned

The 34-year-old says he will refrain from copying the Frenchman's iconic look on Manchester United's new kit as he bids to help new boss David Moyes retain the Premier League title

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand says he will not be emulating Eric Cantona's iconic upturned collar on the club's new home kit.

The shirt, released for the upcoming 2013-14 season, features a turnover collar for the first time in 13 years giving fans and players the opportunity to mimic the legendary French striker, who won four Premier League titles in five memorable years at Old Trafford.

But Ferdinand, who on Monday revealed his determination to help new manager David Moyes retain the championship in his inaugural season, insists he will not be imitating Cantona by turning up his collar.

"There’s only one person who should be wearing their collars up: Eric Cantona. And he’s retired," he told
The Sun.
Ferdinand, who made 34 appearances in all competitions last season and scored the winning goal in Sir Alex Ferguson's final home game at the club, recently signed a new one-year contract which will keep him at Old Trafford until 2014.

Feature of Liverpool's 2013-14 Home Kits!

True to tradition, the new Liverpool home uniform is of course all red with white and gold trim. The goalkeeper strip is made up of a white jersey, black shorts and black socks.

Manufacturer Warrior highlighted the three-piece collar, sublimation print and mirrored sleeve detailing as the three main differences to the new design, which took inspiration from the outfit players wore for Liverpool's fourth European Cup success.

Warrior's War-Tech has been used on the new kit. This technology revolves around the fabric of the shirt being light and breathable. The fabric will also be moisture-wicking, designed to help keep players dry from sweat in the most humid of conditions.

Current Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was very pleased with the final outcome of the jersey.

"It’s distinctly Liverpool which the players and I love," he said. "It exceeds what we need it to do technically while also delivering a strong visual statement."
The new three-piece collar introduced with the 2013-14 uniform sees Liverpool revert back to a classic style which was prevalent in the 1980s, most notably when it won its fourth European title, with the white marks defining the overall look.

Also on the shirt's neck, a '96' logo with two Eternal Flames is embroidered to commemorate the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

Former Liverpool star Alan Kennedy particularly likes the collar and stripe.

"I really like the shirt. The stripe and collar details resemble the shirt we wore during the Cup final in 1984," he said. "The new shirt is very light and I’m told the material will keep players cool, something we desperately needed back when we were playing in the sweltering heat in Rome."
Up next is the sleeve detailing, with both arms of the jersey having two white stripes, split by a red one, going round half the circumference of the sleeve.

This design marks a big difference to this season's shirt, with its plain and bare sleeves.

Club captain Steven Gerrard says the comfort is the most important thing from the players' perspectives, and he is delighted with it.

"To me comfort is the most important thing. You want to be comfortable out on the pitch; the work we are going to be doing is tough," Gerrard said. "We’re going to be sweating a lot in different weather conditions so it is important the kit is right. We’re really happy with it."
The most noticeable difference to the new kit from the current edition is the subliminal printing which covers the main body of the jersey on the front, leaving the sleeves and back plain.

The pin-striped print reads "Liverpool FC" running from top to bottom, with each row separated by two thick lines in a darker red hue, with Warrior aiming to deepen the jersey's visual depth.

Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva complimented Warrior's design as "beautiful" and added that he is looking forward to wearing it next season.

"This is a beautiful kit, the white details give it a very nice touch. Great material and very comfortable," he said. "Warrior have done everything they can to make us feel good in the kit. I’m looking forward to wearing it."

Salute to Sir Alex Ferguson

There is a significant change in this summer which many soccer players and coach delcared their retirement. Sir Alex Ferguson, a 72 years old Scot who declared his retirement too. Let us use a set of pictures recalled Ferguson process from youth to old age, and the Premier League legend grew old together.

1) 1967 Alex Ferguson as a player of Glasgow Rangers FC


2) Sir Alex Ferguson 1986

3) Ferguson & Eric Cantona

4) Ferguson 90S Golden Age of MU

5) Sir Alex and Roy Keane


7) Ronaldo & Ferguson

8) Ronney & Ferguson

9) Paul & Ferguson

Thank you for Sir Alex Ferguson!!!